UK Enterprise Consultants believes that UK is today’s world multicultural society that welcomes more business immigrants per year more than any other country. Whether your firm wants to transfer or recruit a worker to UK, or you are an individual interested in UK temporary or permanent business-related immigration, find out what makes UK a great place to live.

UK Enterprise Consultants Business Immigration program encourages successful business people to settle in UK and use their proven skills to develop business activity in the region. Another core goal of our Business Immigration program is designed to increase entrepreneurial talent and diversify business expertise in UK. It is positioned to target migrants that have demonstrated history of success in innovation and business and are able to make a significant contribution to the national innovation system and to the UK economy.

The objectives of the Business Immigration Programs are to contribute to the growth of the UK economy by:

generating employment

– increasing the export of UK & Europe goods and services

– increasing the production of goods and services in UK

– introducing new or improved technology

– increasing competition and commercial activity

– developing links with international markets

– increasing the dispersal of business migrants across UK through state and territory government sponsorship.

Our Business Immigration team supports employers seeking to recruit or retain international talent while helping to ensure compliance with UK immigration laws. Whether you are applying for your first work permit, developing an immigration policy or planning a work force strategy for your entire organization or for a major project, UK Enterprise Consultants will provide strategic and practical solutions to meet your immigration needs.

UK Enterprise Consultants is able to take the needed actions to stay current with the latest UK immigration trends, policies and leading practices through regular submissions to UK immigration authorities. Understanding the nature of our clients’ business and industry practices is important to us. Whether you operate in the area of communications, transportation, information technology, natural resource extraction, financial services, manufacturing or any other sector, we can assist in demystifying Business Immigration requirements. We work with a cross-section of industries and can offer advisory services that are specific to your business needs, including policy development, due diligence for corporate transactions, internal compliance audits and process improvement. Areas of specialty include: temporary resident visas, work permits, labour market confirmations, permanent residence, citizenship and passport matters.


If you are interested in our Business Immigration Programs please contact us using our Contact Us page, alternatively email us at For additional information on our management consulting services, industry expertise and investments, please visit the appropriate page on our site.