UK is the frontrunner for Advance Materials Industry. Germany and UK are the top global players in this industry. The UK has a long-established reputation for academic excellence in materials science, research and development. It is ranked fourth in the world, hosts five of the top 100 institutions and has universities which attract at least £95 million per annum of materials research funding.

The UK has become renowned as a world leader in the development of advanced composite materials. These high-performance and light-weight materials are proving vital in helping automotive and aerospace industries deliver much needed savings in running costs and carbon emissions. Increasingly UK advanced composites is being widely used in a range of new fields, from construction to consumer goods and even the medical sector, in artificial joints and ligaments. To maintain the UK’s place at the forefront of the composites market, the Government has recently set up a new £25m National Composites Centre in Bristol, acting as a research hub for the industry, and announced a new National Skills Academy (NSA) for Composites and Biotechnology.


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