UK continues to be an important market for information and communication technologies (ICT) manufacturers.  With approximately 60 percent of the EU population able to access the Internet and with a highly developed telecommunications market, UK is  a major producer and consumer of information and communication technologies and services. In 2011, the telecommunications market grew by 3.7 percent. The broadband market grew 8.1 percent, and is expected to increase from $55.2 billion in 2011 to $69.7 billion in 2015. In the past, new broadband subscribers were attracted to low costs, but today’s new subscribers are opting for faster speeds rather than lower costs when choosing a provider, creating new market opportunities.

The biggest market in Europe is in the UK. The UK telecommunications market is valued at £45 billion and the communications sector employs approximately 250,000 people across 8,000 companies. OfCom provides light touch regulation based on competition, transparency and ease of transfer between competitors.

UK communications businesses invest nearly £2 billion each year in R&D and UK expertise in the communications area covers wireless technologies, Next Generation networks, core infrastructure systems and hardware as well as specifics such as: antenna components and systems, broadcast technology, high efficiency mixed-mode semiconductor design, network security and wireless components, devices & communications systems.


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