UK Electronics and IT Hardware Sectors is the considered to be the giant of the regions industry. The German electronics industry stands in first place in terms of European semiconductor and display market size, and the “Silicon Saxony” region has become one of the top five semiconductor clusters worldwide. Here in our reliable investment environment, it’s one of the fastest growing industries and strongly benefits from the swelling demands of leading application industries, such as the automotive, medical devices, and photovoltaic’s industries.

The UK has a long history of innovation in Electronics and IT HW. Today world leading businesses in processor core technology, mixed signal devices, sensors, and lighting operate in the UK and benefit from the supportive business environment, tax and financial benefits from businesses investing in R&D and the highly developed creative and design talents native to the UK. 95 universities in the UK offer degree level courses in electronics ensuring a steady stream of skilled staff are available with up-to-date skills. Other UK subsectors when it comes to Electronics and IT Hardware are the following:


The UK offers market opportunities and world class capability in the electronics sector. Attractions include established IP development and industrialization for world class solutions enabled by a robust IPR framework and legal system, a diverse and cutting edge SW community, a strong research community including academic and private organizations and an established customer base across the range of application areas. The industry directly contributes in excess of £16 billion to the UK GDP and provides direct employment for over 300,000 people in 12,000 companies.

Consumer Electronics

The UK is the largest European market for high-end consumer electronics products including HD TVs, Blu-Ray and DVD Players, MP3 players, mobile handsets and games consoles. The market is valued at £8 billion accounting for 14.4% of the European consumer electronics market value. The UK is an early adopter of consumer electronics so is an excellent location for development and test of function, use cases and design realisation.

Semiconductors and Electronic Design

The UK is home to over 40% of Europe’s electronics design industry. Companies such as Arm evolved in the UK and have helped establish the UK at the forefront of semiconductor design. The established supply chain of tools providers, contract staff and service organisation and specialist applications labs offer flexible and skilled resources making up a centre for technological excellence. The UK has expertise across a number of areas including Integrated Circuits (ICs), optoelectronics and RF devices (such as MMIC) and electronic components.

Sensors & Sensor Systems

The UK has outstanding expertise across a number of sensor areas including RFID and M2M technologies with applications in transport, healthcare, energy, environment and smart cities/homes. Overall the UK currently has revenues of £3Bn in sensors and £7.5Bn in the related instrumentation business.

Power Electronics

The UK has a rich history in Power Electronics, and overall it contributes about 3.1% of the global Power Electronics products. The UK is home to a number of world-class companies involved in design, manufacture and global marketing in many market sectors. SMEs are important drivers of innovation, and play a significant role in as part of the critical supply chain.

The UK’s strength and future opportunities for Power Electronics are primarily in four sectors of rapid growth and innovation: Transport, Energy generation, transmission and distribution, Consumer electronics and lighting and Industrial drives.

Power Electronics also play a key role in the whole power-supply infrastructure, and are critical to the ‘Smart Grid’ linking generation and end users.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Displays

The UK lighting market is worth around £1 billion with a relatively even split between commercial and domestic lighting. There are approximately 25 million homes in the UK, with more than 750 million lamps actively in use. The UK has a rich landscape of companies operating across the lighting spectrum, with more than 1,700 companies actively engaged at all stages in the lighting supply chain. The offers a well established and comprehensive network to both support and enable the development of new energy efficient lighting products and technologies.

Energy efficient lighting is being driven by government regulation, consumer demand and technology development in the UK and opportunities in energy efficient lighting include: retail and commercial lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting and illumination, road and signage, smart homes, healthcare, medical, sports and entertainment lighting.


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