In Europe, UK & Germany were the forefront in Information Technology Industry. The UK has one of the largest ICT markets in Europe with a focus on new technology and design and a sophisticated consumer base. UK consumers are early adopters of new technologies and design making the UK market an excellent ‘test bed’ for ICT companies. The UK also has the strongest ICT skills in Europe and the highest number of ICT graduates in the whole of Western Europe.

Germany’s ICT market is the largest in Europe. The vast German Mittelstand is both innovation driver and extensive customer base for ICT and security solutions “Made in Germany” – a brand which stands for innovation, quality, and expertise and enjoys a high-class reputation also in international markets. International companies are increasingly deciding to locate in Germany to benefit from the country’s excellent workforce and state-of-the-art infrastructure with moderate wage cost developments, one of the highest productivity rates in Europe and a competitive tax system.

Software Industry

Germany is the single largest software market in Europe. The country accounts for 24.5 percent of the European software market by value, with the UK and France in distant second and third places (17.3 and 15.6 percent respectively). The country’s economic and industrial landscape is dominated by the so-called Mittelstand; creating a highly diversified SME environment of highly-specialized hidden champions with a global market footprint. Simultaneously, these SMEs are also driving demand for software solutions – creating a significant customer base.

The UK is Europe’s leading market for software and IT services with a market value of £58 billion pa. Independent research by Microsoft has indicated that the market could drive the creation of 2,500 new businesses and 78,200 new jobs by 2013. The UK’s success is built on several key strengths.

The UK is a powerhouse for software development attracting £930 million pa software R&D investment from international businesses.

In addition the UK is home to over 100,000 specialist software companies and all the major global software companies such as Microsoft, IBM and HP have sizeable operations here.

Cloud Computing and Data Centre

The UK offers the opportunity to secure one of the biggest cloud and data centre markets in the world, as well as access the broader European market. Nearly all software companies in the UK will have some degree of cloud focus. The UK capability in cloud research is extensive and spread throughout some of the country’s leading universities and research institutions.

Cyber security

The UK offers opportunities in a vast number of areas under the broad cyber security heading including: authentication, authorisation, trust, identity management, cryptography, cryptanalysis, computer security (largely defence against malware), and human aspects of security, privacy, information hiding, anonymity, digital rights management and watermarking.

The true cost of Cyber Crime is hard to measure however a number of recent studies have suggested the total equivalent cost to the UK economy could be as high as £26.9bn a year with by far the largest proportion of the cost bourn by industry. The UK cyber security market is currently worth around £2.8 billion and increased general awareness of the cyber threats, as well as other areas such as the continuing evolution of connected services, will continue to drive growth in this market. Mobile phone security is expected to be one of the largest markets over the next 2/3 years as more and more people use their mobiles for M-Commerce, as well as the growth in popularity of BYOD to work.

Safety & Security Industry

“Made in Germany” for Future Security

Security technology is widely considered to be one of the major up-coming industries. The sector’s growing significance and generous government aid will make the industry one of the winners in the decades to come. The German security technologies market is characterized by a high growth dynamic and constant change which is helping create numerous opportunities for investors and innovative companies alike. Security “Made in Germany” is a strong brand with a high worldwide recognition that is associated with quality, neutrality, and expertise which is especially in demand in booming markets like Russia and the Middle East. Explore the numerous opportunities of the security technologies industry and benefit from the advantages Germany has to offer.


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