Space systems and space-based technologies are a critical part of the daily life of all UK citizens and businesses. From telecommunications to television, weather forecasting to global financial systems, most of the key services that we all take for granted in the modern world depend on space in order to function properly.

In UK, Space is one of the most productive and highly skilled sectors of the UK economy with deep rooted strengths in space technology and a strong record in groundbreaking systems exploitation. The most commercially advanced sector is satellite communications accounting for around 80 per cent of the UK’s annual revenue from space. Overall the UK accounts for 6 per cent of the global marketplace, and leads the world in the development and production of microsatellites.

In recent years the 260+ companies that make up the space sector in the UK have enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 10 per cent and in 2008/09 the sector had a total turnover of over £6.5 billion. Example of UK based businesses in the Space sector are Astrium (including SSTL, Paradigm and Infoterra), QinetiQ, SEA, Logica, Inmarsat, SciSys, Com Dev, AMPAC, Magellan, MDA, Clyde Space, Star Dundee.


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