The UK is still the best location for companies setting up their first international office and creating a Global Headquarters. The reasons are clear; UK  is business friendly, internationally minded and a firmly established as a trading nation. The UK is a world-leading hub for business with an unrivalled network of experienced companies across all sectors ready to support you. International companies choose UK to be their Global headquarters for a lot of reasons. Well located between East and West and with an open and friendly business environment, the UK is a trusted partner to companies around the world

UKEC can advise you on the best location for your first international location, Our Global HQ Program will immediately raise the profile of your company and transform the way you work. Most companies now are looking for a competitive advantage. Whether you are looking for an International base, jumpstarting a global office, looking for European Business Opportunities. UKEC can definitively help with our variety of Global HQ Programs.

International mindset

UK has long term historical links with all corners of the globe extending to strong cultural bonds that are deeply rooted in UK culture. As a result the UK is an ideal location to set up and build a business that’s dependent on international links. Whether you need a network of connections, language skills or a familiar community for staff on expat assignments, UKEC can provide the solution.

Easy to set up, easy to operate, competitive cost base

You can register your company in just 24 hours in the UK. All high street banks can offer business banking services with online comparison tools available to compare costs. Financial transitions and government services are easy to manage on-line.

Come to a trading nation

UK has a long history as a trading nation and today embraces the modern international trading principles of fair and open trade on a level and equal basis. As a result, overseas business investing in the UK can register their company, set up banking facilities and start trading very quickly and receive the same support from the UK government as any native business.

Financially beneficial

Your business will benefit from our highly competitive environment boasting one of the lowest main corporate tax rates in the world, generous tax allowances and the most extensive network of double taxation treaties in the world.

Visas for entrepreneurs and investors – fast and flexible

The UK Government’s new rules fast track settlement for high-value investors and entrepreneurs who come to the country and invest large sums of money. Major investors will also enjoy more residency flexibility before they lose their right to settlement.

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