UK Enterprise Consultants’ pioneer program is the Market Entry Program. The program allows entrepreneurs, businesses and investors to have a feel of the market and start doing business right away.UK Enterprise Consultants’ networks are there to help you get set up with basic start up support. To make life easy, you will have access to business friendly spaces to hotdesk, network and access local business networks and informal mentoring opportunities should you want them.UK Enterprise Consultants networks can help introduce you to useful local contacts such as agents and distributors, accountants, lawyers, advisory services, potential partners, translators, sector experts and access formal mentoring networks should you want or need them.

UK Enterprise Consultants also provides Market Development that includes building an awareness of the market opportunity and engaging in advance with business support experts in market is an important part of planning and developing any export strategy. Once set up, growing and maintaining your market share is often the priority. Our network can help you develop market opportunities and your physical presence to further penetrate the market and capture new business opportunities in secondary and regional cities. Support is also available to strengthen joint venture partnerships with local companies, launch new products and strengthen local marketing strategies, all of which are important at the next stage of your globalization journey.


If you are interested in our Market Entry Program please contact us using our Contact Us page, alternatively email us at For additional information on our Management consulting services, Industry expertise and Investment Services, please visit the appropriate page on our site.