Growing a successful business is difficult at the best of times, and you’ll often find you need a wide range of skills and experience. It can bring new challenges, from staffing, or where to get hold of new capital through to managing cashflow, or finding new markets and getting your products or services out to them.

That’s where the UK Enterprise Consultants’ Business Mentoring Programme comes in, matching experienced mentors with ambitious businessmen and women. Our mentors have a genuine desire to make a difference to your business – they volunteer their time and are committed to sharing their skills, knowledge, experiences and contacts with you. Through individual businesses success, the nation’s economy grows as a whole. Mentored companies’ turnover more, produce more and employ more people, without costing the business anything.

UK Enterprise Consultants’ has 730 elite business mentors in all industries globally. These mentors has been in the business; made it and become successful. UK Enterprise Consultants’ mentors includes the transfer of knowledge, skills, experiences, and networks of contacts that will impact directly on the success of your business, help your profits grow and continue to improve the performance of businesses and the overall economy for the future.


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