UK Enterprise Consultants is one of the UK’s top business management Consulting firm focusing in business opportunity in the UK. UK Enterprise Consultants provides professional services across a wide range of industries and sectors. We focus on internationalization, technology, strategy, marketing, investments and business development. Founded in 2007, we have 13 years of combined experience.

We are an opportunity finder and help our clients to sustainably boost profits and provide long term business opportunities. Our projects typically achieve a profitability improvement and strategic business approach. We help clients to boost their maximum potential and finding opportunities instead of cutting costs. In recent years, many companies have achieved considerable improvements on the profits and long term business opportunities through internationalization.

Our projects cover all areas of top-line growth. Typical areas/topics are:

– Technology (e-commerce, online presence, digital marketing, global sales, etc.)

Internationalization (market entry, offshore/onshore investments, company expansion, business immigration etc.)

Strategy (growth and defence strategies, new business models, market entry strategies, etc.)

Marketing (meaningful segmentation, brand and product positioning, product/service design, marketing efficiency)

Pricing (avoiding price wars, innovation pricing, effective price execution, discount systems, global pricing, etc.)

Sales (channel strategies, sales efficiency, sales force effectiveness, sales incentives, etc.)


Our values

Our values set us apart. We are fiercely committed to client service above all else, and our lasting client relationships prove it.

We are independent from any outside interests, which mean that our recommendations are objective and take into account only our clients’ best interests.

We have developed decades-long relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect and high-value, durable results. In fact, more than 70% of our clients are repeat clients.