“UK as a springboard to global market”.

Every year hundreds of thousands of international companies relocate their businesses in the UK. The reason is simple; they use UK as a springboard to the global stage. What makes the UK a leading investment destination for companies relocating, expanding and developing their global business? We look at of the top reasons in setting the UK apart from other countries in expanding their business globally.

Base your business in the UK and join one of the world’s major trading nations and the fifth largest economy in the world. You’ll be in the right place for long-term growth.

– UK is a major market in its own right. But it is also the gateway to Europe, the world’s largest single market with more than 500 million consumers.

– UK is a major trading nation with the infrastructure, logistics and routes into established and emerging markets to match your trade ambitions.

– The UK is a great place for your business, but also the ideal base for onward global investment to increase your profitability and competitiveness. The UK is the largest foreign outward investor in Europe.

– UK is ahead of the game when it comes to selling online.

– UK as the number one location for European headquarters and holding companies with low corporate taxes and competitive rules for taxing the profits of multinationals attract the biggest global enterprises to the UK.

– UK is a world leader in professional and business services such as accountancy, law and audit – services that provide essential expertise to underpin your innovation, export and expansion plans.

– Two of UK’s natural advantages help you reach out across the world. Positioned between East and West, the location and time zone make it easy to work across Asian, European and American markets. UK is also the home of English, the world’s main business language.

– London is the business capital of Europe

– No other European centre comes close to the size and expertise of UK’s financial services sector. London is the jewel in the crown, rated as the world’s leading financial centre.

– UK already have the best superfast broadband coverage of any major European economy.

– UK is ranked first globally for its ‘soft power’. It’s a reputational and diplomatic influence based on a rich mix of cultural, creative, business and political strengths.

– The brightest and the best people from overseas want to work in the UK, and as talent becomes more internationally mobile, we continue to be able to attract the best from overseas.

– More than 420,000 new businesses were set up in Great Britain in 20153 encouraged by an environment rated by
the World Bank as the most business-friendly of Europe’s major economies

– Many of the world’s biggest and most dynamic companies have analysed the pros and cons of locating in different countries – and then chosen the UK

– UK’s personal tax rates are highly competitive with those in other European countries, particularly when the effects of income tax and employee social security contributions are combined.

You and your teams will discover the UK is more than just a great place for business. You join a diverse and welcoming country

The UK – small nation, big workforce, fast transport. The perfect combination to help you move goods and people quickly around the country.