UK Enterprise Consultants offers Export Service on all British made products and services. If you are already trading overseas or new to exporting we provide comprehensive services from planning, finance, logistics, sales and marketing.

Export Readiness

Your intuition as a business owner and manager could be telling you that the time is right to broaden your business horizons. Of course, it’s always a good idea to back up your business sense with some evaluation, UK Enterprise Consultants’ export readiness services are designed to do exactly that.

Export Finance

Trading internationally brings a new dimension to business finances. Crossing borders can increase risks, so putting the right process in place to ensure prompt payment is critical and dealing with fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rate can make the difference between profit and loss.UK Enterprise Consultants’ deliver services which can help you understand options for export finance, set up appropriate payment methods and access foreign exchange services.

Getting Goods to Market

Whether you’re shipping physical goods or providing services, a successful export business relies on delivering in a timely and efficient manner, while making provision for insurance & risk management and local regulations.UK Enterprise Consultants’ can help make sure you have all the bases covered.

International Market Access

Making sure you have the right distribution channels in place is critical to your export success. Making connections is whatUK Enterprise Consultants’ do best and your localUK Enterprise Consultants’ consultants/partners can offer valuable advice and introductions.

Sales & Marketing

One of the most obvious challenges when exporting to a new overseas market is not only to understand and navigate the local cultural customs but often to do so in a different language. To assist,UK Enterprise Consultants’ provide overseas marketing services and translation & interpreting services. In addition, as your overseas business expands, when the time comesUK Enterprise Consultants’ can advise on all aspects of setting up an overseas office.


If you are interested in our Export service please contact us using our Contact Us page, alternatively email us at enquiries@ukenterpriseconsultants.com. For additional information on our Management consulting services, Industry expertise and Investment Services, please visit the appropriate page on our site.